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Infinitus is Latin for Infinite. infinitusNow (iN) signifies the limitless growth that your business could unleash.

Some resources that are helpful to our clients.

These highlight analysis frameworks and philosophies that iN shares.

Google provides helpful articles and videos that analyse the shifts in consumer behaviours, needs and beliefs that will help you unlock fresh insights to drive your business.

Digital Marketing News

The American Marketing Association features some of the most notable marketing weekly news and other free resources.

Customer Experience

The AMA showcases roundups that help readers think of improving their customer experience.

User Experience & Design

You're now competing with the best digital experience a consumer has ever had. Discover how carefully crafted experiences and thoughtful UX design can win over consumers.

You have heard of the importance of understanding the numbers behind your website. Here is from the horse's mouth and appreciate the workings of Google Analytics.

Singapore Search Trends

Wondering what customers and prospects might be searching on Google? Have a look at the top searches and key words that are trending in the Lion City.

Technologies to Watch

Emerging & Assistive Technology

Consumers are beginning to expect more intuitive, assistive, and creative experiences from brands. Explore the new technologies that are shaping the future.

Measuring Performance

Data Analytics & Measurement

Data and analytics illustrate how consumers experience your brand across platforms. Understand how to gather audience insights and drive growth using a value-led approach to measurement.

Monetising Content

Google for Publishers

Find your audience, grow your business, and earn money from your online content. Google has tools to help you do it all, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

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